Best Post Workout Meal for Muscle Gain

Eating after exercise is as important as eating before exercising. Your muscles in the body need the required raw materials to regain after work out. Light meals or snacks within two hours after a workout are very perfect.

post workout meal

This post workout meal should have some complex carbohydrates, some protein, and also some healthy fats too. An energetic workout helps a person to lose weight as well as improve the muscles but without a proper diet that is recommended for post workout, you cannot achieve the fitness level you desire.

After you are through with your exercise, the body enters into a state where the tissues are being broken down and one needs a quick fix to return the body into an anabolic state that helps the tissue to grow as well as repairing of the torn tissues. This is made possible by the diet one takes after exercise.

The main thing that you need to avoid after a workout is consuming food that has a lot of fat and sugar as a lot of fat will slow down the absorption of the required nutrients for repairing the worn out muscles as well as for the muscle growth.

You will also have to avoid too much sugar as it can cause can cause a spike in blood glucose which might lead to cravings and this is something you do not want when you are trying to lose fat and build muscles.

The post exercise diet should contain carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates assist in building the essential glycogen stores, which prepare the entire body for carrying out laborious activities which include a workout.

After a workout, the body’s metabolic rate is heightened for a while and this means that it will also raise the appetite as well as the capacity of burning calories.

Many people seem to be hungry after a workout and thus making it easy to eat more than they really need, or choose foods that won’t really help their bodies.

Eating too much wrong food can do an opposite of what one wants i.e. to cause the body to store the food as fat instead of using your post-workout food to refuel and repair the muscles.

After a workout, the body needs protein to help it in repairing the muscles that are worn out but not all types of proteins may be taken. The best source of protein after any workout is simply a whey protein powder that is mixed with some types of liquid and hence creating a whey protein shake.

This whey protein shake is digested by the body at a quicker rate than a whole food since it will be a liquid. Whey protein is one of the fastest digesting protein.

Many people prefer using a protein powder immediately after their workout both because is convenient, and also because many protein powders have been specially designed so that they are released into the bloodstream as quickly as possible and thus, really give the muscles what they need.


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